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Building Stronger, Smarter, Connected Communities

We're proud to announce that Grayshott Community Wi-Fi is now live in many parts of the Village. With support from Grayshott Parish Council, local businesses and the wide community, we have been installing Community Wi-Fi Access points across Grayshott & Hindhead, and now we have more than 30+ hotspots locations across the Community.

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Benefits all Stakeholders: Civil Areas, Businesses & Residents

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Free Wi-Fi Hotspots offering Gigabit speeds


Happy Residents & Visitors


Easy to Setup &

Easy to Use

Now with Community Wi-Fi, it benefits all residents & visitors to the commercial areas of Grayshott, and they can stay connected, get online, make Wi-Fi calls, and utilise faster internet speeds similar to 5G mobile coverage in other parts of the UK. 

We're building into new communities in 2024

Let's help your Community
Support Your Local Businesses


More Community Initiatives


Local Sponsorships

Grayshott Cricket Club

Grayfest & Wayfest

St. Edmund's School Fair

King's Coronation

Christmas Lights Switch-On


Community Campaigns

PSTN Switch Off

IT Support Cake & Coffee

MP Open Days

Community Wi-Fi

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Social Support

Connect Social Broadband Tariff

Grayshott District & Housing Association

Tim Robertson

Grayshott Primary School

March 2024

"It has taken a while to get this connection completed due to the situation of the school and the various obstacles that stood in the way (Holly bushes, tree branches, tree roots, full ducts and 'red routes' to name a few), but the school can now benefit from a major boost in its Internet capability.

This has been a wonderful example of great teamwork to get the job done.  On behalf of the school and the board of Governors, I would like to say a very big thank you to Grayshott Gigabit for their provision of this facility and their willingness to help our school at every stage along this journey."

Green Communities

Gigabit IQ as part of the Building Digital UK "BDUK" under Department of Science, Technology & Innovation  (DSIT) is working towards net zero. These are supporting our communities to reduce environmental impact, reduce waste, reduce carbon footprint & engage with local initiatives.

Climate Positive Initiatives

7x the Power, None of the Waste:

Our Ultra-Efficient Fibre Broadband is built on low Carbon footprint based fibre optics

Recycling Revolution:

From Supplier packaging, We Turn Waste into Eco-Friendly Magic with Local Partners such as Grayshott Pottery

Decades of Dependability:

Our Fibre Future-Proofs Your Internet for Over 50 Years. We also utilise existing ducts & poles to minimise environmental impact

Eco-Friendly Journeys

Our Fleet is going electric. With Solar energy this is Driving Us Toward a Greener Future, One Mile at a Time

Light on the Planet, Heavy on Performance:

Our Gigabit broadband does not need multiple green cabinets in communities, reducing power, cooling requirements vs Openreach "Superfast" copper broadband

Plant a Sapling

We are working with local orchards & community schemes to offset our carbon footprint by planting saplings for each customer connected.

Latest Community News

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