Voice Over IP Calls (VoIP)

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What is VoIP (Voice Over IP Calls)?

  • Do away with your current landline rental

  • Get Better & Cheaper UK & International Calls

  • Select easy to use packages

  • Keep your existing landline number

  • Choose from a range of unlimited calling packages

  • Use Vonage Smart App Extensions to use your mobile phone to make & receive VoIP landline calls

Grayshott Gigabit has partnered with the global VoIP provider Vonage to offer their services. Please click on the link below that will take you to their page to select & order Vonage VoIP services;


For questions on how to migrate your existing telephone number, please visit Vonage How It Works page & following FAQ's;

Keep Your Existing Phone Number with Vonage (vonageforhome.co.uk)

Note VOIP and Wi-Fi calling options may not function if there is a problem with your internet service in case of power failure. We assume that in such cases, customers have the ability to use their mobile devices with wireless connectivity to make calls. You may decide to maintain a copper-based phone-line as an emergency fail-over. However do note that Openreach plan to migrate all copper lines to VoIP by 2025, as part of their all IP migration.


Furthermore, the government is looking to improve mobile coverage for all areas whereby 4G coverage is poor to date, as part of the Shared Rural Network (SRN) initiative. 


For any clarification, please contact us at info@grayshottgigabit.com