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  • Why is Registering Important?
    Registering your interest is vitally important because it allows us to identify where there’s a greater demand for gigabit broadband. The more interest in a particular area, the more likely we’ll be able to build the network in that area. Please note that registration is free and there is absolutely no obligation at this stage. We’re continually monitoring interest in areas, so we’ll let you know when your location is ready to take the next step and enter the ‘Sign Up’ stage. If you want to speed up this process and really get your community on the map, you can help drive it by becoming one of our Gigabit Champions.
  • How do I become a Gigabit Champion?
    If you are interested in becoming a Gigabit Champion, please email expressing your interest to us at A member of the Grayshott Gigabit team will then contact you to discuss the next steps. Note, we have found that for many parishes & villages, more than one Gigabit Champion is needed to share the load and work in catchment areas to get the community excited?
  • How will Grayshott Gigabit help?
    We can support with the following activities? •Town Hall / Webinars •Leaflet Campaign •Supporting local community champions on customer visits •Marketing Materials •Social Media Support •Website/Content •Parish Magazine •Any other activities/ideas, please let us know?
  • Driveways, Access & How you can help?
    Our standard installation is normally 10 metres from the nearest chamber to each premise. If premises have either aerial cable from a pole, or an existing lead-in duct present (either built by Openreach, or built by premise owner), this accelerates our build plans to connect to each premise. We encourage any homeowners installing or planning new driveways to lay ducting at the same time, so that when connecting fibre to your property, there is minimal disruption. If you have electric gates, we may be able to use the same ducts as those electrical wires if they run to your premise, as fibre optics does not have the same interference properties as copper cables. Where possible, we may utilise existing duct lead-ins for certain properties if the fibre is able to pass through those ducts. When looking to install on private property, Grayshott Gigabit require the owner’s consent before any work can be carried out. If you own your property freehold you can give us the permission we require in the form of a signed wayleave. If you are served from a wholesale network provider like Gigaclear, their pre-works or installation teams will carry out the enablement to bring the fibre to your premise. They/We may charge for additional fees if it is deemed a non-standard installation.
  • MDU's (Flats, Apartments & Maisonettes)
    If you live in an apartment or MDU (Multiple Dwelling Unit) in Hindhead, we may need to gain written permission from your landlord or block management company in advance and before any work commences to connect the building and apartments to our full fibre broadband service. Please forward the QR code to your landlord/block management company, so that they can help us by filling in their details. Alternatively, please send us their details at , and we will contact them directly. Once we have this information, Grayshott Gigabit can then apply for permission to connect the building with our full fibre thus preventing any delays being connected to our GigaFAST broadband services. Please make sure that you have pre-registered for connection on our website, so that we can let the management/landlords know that tenants/home owners are already requesting services. Please also let your neighbours know so that we can connect as many premise owners at the same time, thereby ensuring priority for your building.
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