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Grayshott Gigabit Managed Wi-Fi

Grayshott Gigabit Introducing NEW Blast Wi-Fi 6 Performance

What is Managed Wi-Fi?

Your wireless devices are only as good as the network that connects them. A reliable network though, depends on the best conditions for a strong signal, ideal speeds and a trouble-free online experience. That can be tricky to achieve sometimes, but that’s why Grayshott Gigabit offers Managed Wi-Fi.


Managed Wi-Fi offers a better, more reliable wireless experience. It’s not just wireless service—it’s a network Grayshott Gigabit manages for you. You enjoy the benefits of Wi-Fi connectivity without the technical issues and trouble.


Here’s some of what Managed Wi-Fi offers:

  • We’ll assist you in connecting new and existing devices during installation.

  • We’ll configure your network for a consistent signal throughout your home and identify areas with poor or no coverage, so that you can be informed of options.

  • We'll configure your self-care mobile app that helps you manage issues; guest access, parental controls, lost password.

  • We’ll provide local technical assistance and guide you through problems during your Managed Wi-Fi subscription.

  • We'll help you maximise the use of other new & exciting features we've added to the Wi-Fi experience such as Online Protection, Ad Blocking, Motion Detection and many more. 

Intelligent Features available with Managed Wi-Fi ?

  • Parental Controls, Guest Access & Content Controls

  • Smart Home & IOT Protection for your smart devices

  • Online Protection from Malware, Ransomware, Ad Blocking & more  

  • Advanced Wi-Fi features available too