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The Intelligent Choice for Gigabit-Speed Internet Is Here

Escape the shadows of unreliable Internet. Step into the light with our service, where a Better Experience meets everyone's needs.

Safety, Speed, Smart: 
The Gigabit IQ Promise.

Gigabit IQ isn't just our name—it's our promise to you for internet that's not only lightning-fast but smartly tailored to meet your needs without the hidden fees.

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Our Story

Rooted in our history as Grayshott Gigabit, we've been committed to building new gigabit enabled communities with the fastest full-fibre internet, earning us 5-star reviews.


Our superior customer service, local support, resident engineers, and drive to new innovation, sets us apart from the status quo.

Driven by the dual principles of unmatched gigabit speeds and intelligent service, we're committed to delivering an internet experience that's simply smarter. 

Our Promises to you

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No Mid Contract Price Rises or End of Contract Price Hikes


Simple to contact. Real People supporting you.

Simplifed Service. Jargon-free

Command your internet experience with GigabitIQ app & easy YouTube videos

Giving you advanced parental controls that help keep your kids safe online

Protecting your devices and smart homes with added cybersecurity against threats

Creating value for the communities we serve

Sustainability & protecting the environment with green internet initiatives

Breaking free from the 'dumb' internet offered by larger, legacy providers, Gigabit IQ is here to usher you into a new era of Safe, Smart, Secure, and GigaFAST internet service.

Our 5 Star Reviews

"I would recommend them (and have done so many times) to anyone in the area who is looking to drop their current supplier because you won’t regret it!" 

Hamish H


March 2024

"Super good service. Very efficient from start to finish.
Quickest Internet speeds I have ever experienced.
Would recommend." 

Lawrence B


March 2024

"I've not had a single outage, single support ticket raised or service issue in my contract so far - which is a miracle as I'm a pretty tough customer!" 

Andy C


Feb 2024

"If you want a internet connection that just works, is quick and reliable with great customer service then they should be your first call" 

Dan K


March 2024

Unsure? Let's help you

Switching is so Simple, as easy as 1..2..3:

If you are a Gigaclear Customer or with an ISP on the Gigaclear infrastructure, and out of contract - follow these three simple steps:

  1. Place the order online via our website, or emailing

  2. Wait for your Router Delivery within 7 days

  3. We'll Switch you, on your agreed installation date!


If you are with another provider - follow these three simple steps:

  1. Place your order by emailing

  2. Sign the contract we send to you, and wait for your installation date

  3. We'll send you the Router, and upon installation date, connect Router to enjoy our fantastic service!

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