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Who serves you better - Grayshott Gigabit vs National Providers?

As a truly local Full Fibre Internet Service Provider, Grayshott Gigabit are honoured to have been shortlisted for the Best Community Project award at this year’s INCA* National Awards ceremony.

Grayshott Gigabit were nominated as a result of the active role they play within the local community of Grayshott and Hindhead.

Together with employing local residents at their Hindhead based offices, Grayshott Gigabit sponsors the Grayshott Men’s Cricket Team and was proud to be one of the sponsors of the `PiG’ Party in Grayshott celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and participates in local events such as school & village fetes and fairs including Weyfest in Tilford.

In addition, Grayshott Gigabit are working with Grayshott Community Orchard in planning to plant a sapling on behalf of each customer in the local area. Furthermore, we are delighted to have connected the Grayshott Royal British Legion and Grayshott Village Hall for free on an ongoing basis ensuring that these vital community assets are able to offer residents the ability to stay connected. In addition, the continued network build will enable us to connect Grayshott Village School on the same complimentary basis securing reliable and fast connectivity for the village’s teachers and children.

We also provide a digital buddies programme offering customers who require assistance understanding internet jargon and helping with in-home connectivity challenges and explaining the reality of the impending landline switch off. In an effort to make it easier for individuals and families to access full fibre broadband, Grayshott Gigabit launched `Connect’ their social tariff package. Available to tjose that maybe on Universal Credit (with zero earnings), Pension Credit or Income Support, the package provides 100Mbps for just £22 per month.

There is sometimes an assumption that larger Internet Service Providers (ISP) that advertise heavily are better, however many of these ISP's (Sky, TalkTalk, Plusnet, EE etc.) don’t actually own the last mile connection as that is owned by Openreach. This is why your support in any outage is dependent on Openreach engineers – when has Sky, or TalkTalk ever visited your home to fix any issues?. Grayshott Gigabit as your local Internet Service Provider that has built its own full fibre infrastructure is able to offer something that the national companies can’t namely on the ground support, flexibility, reliability and local customer service.

We understand our customers better than those that advertise generically. We have created some amazing offers that far surpass those offered by national providers, and we have tailored specific deals to specific customers including the elderly & vulnerable and those that are residents of Grayshott & District Housing Association. Not only are we connecting all of our customers with a minimum of 100Mbps, we offer in-home support of devices, and a true managed Wi-Fi service that includes Wi-Fi site scans of premises, and understanding of how to help customers improve their Wi-Fi experience.

Why Choose a Local Internet Provider like Grayshott Gigabit?

Local Internet Providers operate within a specific region such as Grayshott Gigabit who operate in Surrey Hills and East Hampshire. We have people and offices in the area which makes it very easy for customers to reach us. More importantly though, local means faster.

This is because local Internet service providers have a more focused approach to service. We value residents and make a point of keeping the connections clean and updated. We also have a better grasp of area coverage and can quickly reach residents for service.

What Can Local Internet Service Providers Offer That Nationwide Corporations Cannot?

As someone with roots in the local community, we understand your needs and can meet them. Here’s what you can expect from Grayshott Gigabit:

Local support. Our office is on London Road, and our team is available within the same day for any issues. There’s no need to wait for an hour on the phone just to get through the call centre, and we don't outsource to call centres abroad. When you contact us you get a real person and a real solution. We are local and we care about our customers.

No pricing games & hidden clauses. There are no confusing pricing packages and are speeds are symmetrical and guaranteed. We give you clear options that make choosing easy. Nationwide ISP's typically have standard contracts that are very difficult to get out of, and advertise incorrectly with regards to actual speeds on offer for the price you pay, especially as customers don't get the advertised speed, and the speeds are not symmetrical.

Reliability. We monitor our network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If a problem arises we dispatch technicians for repair swiftly/immediately, not within 7 days as the industry average. Our full fibre network is fully end to end fibre, and we manage the Wi-Fi as part of the service to ensure you have a great customer experience.

Support the local businesses and economy. We champion local subcontractors, and wotk with local moling companies, tree surgeons, landcapers. Plus, as we are local to the communities we serve, we employ local staff, and have support programmes such as kickstarter and summer work placements.

For further information or to register your interest visit or telephone 01428 607000

*INCA is the Independent Networks Cooperative Association. The members are supporting, planning, building and operating sustainable, independent and interconnected networks that advance the economic and social development of the communities they serve.


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