Gigabit broadband connectivity for East Hampshire & Surrey Hills.  Get Connected to the Ultrafast unlimited rural internet with gigabit broadband speeds over a new fibre optic network direct to your home & business.

No need to ration internet in your home or put up with poor Wi-Fi.  With gigabit speeds, everyone has unlimited data with managed whole home Wi-Fi coverage, that will be the fastest, most secure, simplest, with reliable local support from the team based in Grayshott.

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Bringing Gigabit Fibre connectivity to East Hampshire, Surrey Hills & surrounding areas

Grayshott Gigabit Broadband has been created to bridge the digital divide that is exposing rural communities with a lack of high speed gigabit internet.

We aim to bridge this digital divide by bringing the fastest Gigabit technology to East Hampshire, Surrey Hills & surrounding areas, by offering Gigabit capable High Speed Internet Services over Fibre to each house & business. 

We aim to install Fibre direct to your home & business.

This is called Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) which is very much different to what we are getting from the service providers today as they are delivering Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) in Grayshott & surrounding areas. FTTP will deliver next generation fibre optic technology into your home, so the speeds will be limitless, as modern technologies can carry much faster data over fibre optic than any other medium. With FTTC, the connection between the cabinet and your premise is copper, that was laid several decades ago, and can only give up to 80Mbps download, and your speed is dependent on how far you are from the cabinet. Many homes are not even getting the advertised speeds of Superfast broadband (24Mbps).

Check your Broadband Speed Now using our Speed Checker

We are planning our build & rollout, and our aim is to get the majority of homes & business starting as early as Summer 2021. 

Register now to get on the early bird connection plan, the faster we can get all registered, the faster we can get you connected to our fibre optic network, and the faster you can get access to our gigabit speed internet service.

Our aim is to help residents & businesses with the fastest internet connection. We aim to use the Hampshire SuperFast Broadband Top Up Scheme & Government's Gigabit Voucher Scheme to offer a fast, secure and reliable network, that will provide residents and businesses a gigabit capable connection. Please revert to our coverage areas page for up to date information on where we are building our network.

The more the resident's sign up, the faster we can build the network, so please spread the message to your neighbours and friends to Register ASAP.

If you are not in East Hampshire or Surrey Hills, no need to worry, we can still connect you to our network, by using the Government's Gigabit Voucher scheme. This scheme is designed to bridge the digital divide by bringing the fastest internet to rural communities. All you need to do is register below, and one of our team will contact you with the plan to get you connected.

We are working with local parishes and authotrities to bring gigabit broadband to your areas, Contact us to become a Community Champion for your areas. We will support you and the community to build the network to your areas as fast as possible. Please spread the word, and let your neighbours & friends know that unlimited 1Gbps broadband with managed Wi-Fi will be available soon.

Please Register Your Interest below to take advantage of up to 1Gbps high speed fibre optic broadband.

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Gigabit Broadband means that customers will have one of the fastest high speed networks in the country, similar to several other towns & cities. We aim to build a network that will last for generations to come.

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Up to 1Gbps to every Home & Business

Nationally the average Internet speed is 64Mbps, whereas with the copper network in East Hampshire & Surrey, most residents struggle to achieve 24Mbps.

With up to & beyond 1Gbps, everyone can benefit from better Wi-Fi speeds, Netflix & streaming, online gaming, home working, smart home services and much faster online experience.

Creating Opportunities for Rural Areas

Broadband is like any other utility. It is an essential service and without high speed internet, it can be detrimental to the value of an area, and the community. 

With Gigabit Broadband serving schools, businesses, and residents, we can bridge the digital divide.

Outstanding Quality

Our Goals are to build a future proof network with Fibre To The Premise (FTTP). This will ensure that we have built a network capable for generations to come.

We aim to work alongside local parishes, authorities to fulfil the government's rural broadband initiatives for gigabit services. We wish to ensure the best possible high speed connection for our customers in the fastest possible timeframe.


We are taking expressions of interest to plan the build, please sign up below, if you would like the opportunity of Gigabit speed broadband to your Home or Business.

Thanks for submitting!

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Grayshott Gigabit aim to provide a world class broadband experience. The team working on the project have decades of telecommunications experience building networks and excellent service experiences  in the UK & around the world. 

For any questions, please feel free to message us anytime.

Spread the word, and let's get the community connected!

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