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Happy Earth Day 2024

Really proud of our efforts as a small team that is trying to change the status quo as we celebrate Earth Day 2024. We all live in a hyper connected world, and so our efforts no matter how small, can make a difference. As a company we've invested in #fullfibre, which provides 7x more efficiency of resources & efficiency than copper, we've invested in #SmartWiFi with our #GigabitIQ managed wifi service, meaning we are reducing our OPEX & field costs as we provide our customers an easy to use mobile app with an excellent supported #ultimatewifi solution. Plus, with other local initiatives, such as green #electriccars, and #solarenergy, we are reducing our footprint. And we are very proud to serve the local communities with #recyclying of our waste & packaging to local enterprises, as well as #plantingsaplings for each customer connected in rural orchards. Great work by the team at Grayshott Gigabit

Check out are other #sustainable efforts on our new Community page at Our Communities | Gigabit IQ (


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