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Grayshott Gigabit's Fortnite Tournament - Enter Now

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our highly anticipated app, GigabitIQ, here at Grayshott Gigabit! To celebrate this milestone, we have organised an exciting #Fortnite #Tournament, where players can not only battle it out on the virtual battlefield but also stand a chance to win amazing prizes, including an exclusive #sponsorship opportunity and free Wi-Fi 6 mesh.

GigabitIQ App Overview:

GigabitIQ is our latest innovation in bridging the gap between seamless internet connectivity and user experience. The app offers a range of features designed to help users optimise their internet connection performance, troubleshoot issues, and make the most out of their high-speed connectivity. All recent customers have been using the CommandIQ app, and we will be transitioning them to GigabitIQ with even more features. GigabitIQ is free to download on iOS (available now) & GooglePlay (coming soon).

Fortnite Tournament Details:

As passionate supporters of gaming culture, we are hosting an exhilarating Fortnite tournament on the 5th-6th of August and the 12th-13th. Teams and individual players are invited to showcase their gaming skills and compete for fantastic prizes.

Tournament Prizes:

  • Exclusive Sponsorship: The winning individual or team will have a unique opportunity to be sponsored by Grayshott Gigabit, with all the associated benefits and perks.

  • Free Wi-Fi 6 Mesh: In addition to the sponsorship opportunity, the victorious player or team will receive a top-of-the-line Wi-Fi 6 mesh system, ensuring a seamless and immersive online experience.

  • Additional Perks: On top of the major prizes, runners-up and notable participants will also receive exciting consolation prizes, such as branded merchandise and exclusive discounts on our broadband plans.

How to Participate:

To enter the tournament, participants must register by emailing: Entry is open to all, including non Grayshott Gigabit customers. The tournament will follow a competitive format, with matches taking place on these specific dates. Stay tuned for further details and updates on our website and social media channels.

Grayshott Gigabit's Gigabit IQ app is set to revolutionise the way users optimise their internet connectivity. Through our Fortnite tournament, we are not only showcasing our commitment to gaming culture but also providing an incredible opportunity for players to win exclusive prizes, including a sponsorship deal and free Wi-Fi 6 mesh systems. Don't miss out on this exhilarating event and take the first step towards your online gaming experience with Grayshott Gigabit!

Remember, registration is open to all, and the tournament dates are fast approaching. Join us as we embark on this thrilling gaming adventure together!


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