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Support Issues......Who You Gonna Call?

One of the questions we often get asked is our ability to support our customers, as a new challenger to the status quo. As your local Gigabit Service Provider that is focused on rural customers, we understand that your network is the primary mode of communication, and how critical that is for you. In Grayshott & Hindhead, where we are serving customers, we are literally minutes away (our offices are in Hindhead), and can support customers immediately by phone, or within a few hours in case of any service issues.

One of our customers recently posted a social media post on Nextdoor: "My interaction with Grayshott Gigabit has been very minimal, which is how you really want it with a service like broadband, it should just work. That said, on the couple of occasions I have spoken to them they have answered the phone on the first few rings and been very helpful. I did have to call them in a few weeks ago when the connection seemed to stop. The engineers turned up at the house in just 10 minutes as they are only round the corner, and to my embarrassment diagnosed a bit of my own kit that was causing the issue. Once it was disconnected it was all fine."

In comparison, when you are served from the ISP's such as Vodafone, TalkTalk, Plusnet, Sky etc.., if you have any service issues that affect the copper network, you don't find their engineers visiting you. Moreover, they are leasing their network from Openreach, and so you typically wait for the standard lead times for support as Openreach need to allocate their engineers. According to Ofcom's annual comparing customer service report, published May 2022, the lead times for activation or service changes take an industry average of 7-16 days between the major providers. Since Grayshott Gigabit have built our own full fibre infrastructure, we own & maintain the fibre network to the premises, so we can resolve issues much faster than the traditional operators.

We also have added value benefits to support our customers with a managed Wi-Fi platform, that enables us to help identify any Wi-Fi & connection issues remotely. This means we can identify any issues faster during the initial support call, thus saving customers' time. We also empower our customers with a great experience mobile application that helps them resolve many of their own issues, run speed tests, provide home network threat protection , and provide a safer internet experience for their children with enhanced parental controls.

With our special packages, competing at the same price compared with the status quo operators, customers are switching to us daily, for faster Gigabit Speeds, Superior Customer Experience, Future Proof & Reliable Network, and Great Local Support, only a phone call away...

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