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Struggling to pay your broadband us to help you!

From 22 August, people receiving certain benefits can ask broadband firms to check their eligibility for social tariffs. This is a government backed scheme working alongside Department of Work & Pensions, to ensure that all can remain online, and not have the threat of being without broadband as one of the key utilities. Cost of living: Government to simplify broadband access - BBC News

As your local community broadband provider, Grayshott Gigabit already introduced our Social "Connect" Tariff for those on pension credit, income support, universal credit. Introducing 'Connect' : Social Tariff for Low Income & Vulnerable Households from Grayshott Gigabit

However, we know more can be done, so if you are vulnerable, elderly, or don't qualify for some of these benefits due to your age, please contact us, and let us help you get connected without facing high costs.

Ofcom data shows 4.2 million households across the UK are eligible for social tariffs from ISPs, yet only 55,000 premises actually take advantage of these offers. Some ISP's offset the lower costs of their social tariffs by providing a lower internet speed. If other utilities offer a reduced rate for social tariffs, you don't expect to get less gas/water pressure to your home, so why should you get less broadband speeds. Grayshott Gigabit still offer the 100Mbps service as the base service for all customers even those on our social "Connect" tariff, thereby ensuring all customers get the great internet & Wi-Fi experience.

If you are tenanting within Grayshott & District Housing Association or Abri Housing, again please contact us to see how we can help you. Alternatively, if you reside in any of the retirement homes and apartments, again we'd love to hear from you on how we can help. Please feel free to let your friends, relatives & neighbours know.

Our aim is to help the community, and beyond the cost of broadband, we are supporting customers with setup of their Wi-Fi in their homes, helping with setup of TV's, printers, and other home devices, and to help protect your kids safety safe online with our parental control & home protection capabilities. The other benefit of being local means we can attend to customer issues much faster, within the same day, something that other providers take 10-14 days to resolve.

Contact us on 01428 607 000 or, we're local and keen to help you.

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