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Rip off Broadband! & How you can save on your broadband bills

At a time of increased costs of living, due to rising inflation, food & energy costs, there is real responsibility for companies to retain & attract loyal patrons by not raising their prices. As your local community gigabit broadband provider, Grayshott Gigabit aims to buck the trend, by offering very attractive broadband pricing versus incumbents such as BT, TalkTalk, Sky etc.. In fact, our analysis of many ISP’s utilising their copper based SuperFast services is that their offerings amount to Rip Off Broadband!

Our market analysis shows that the most popular current broadband packages for residents in GU26 are BT’s Fibre 1 Unlimited, or Talk Talk’s Fibre 35. The irony is that both of these packages are actually copper to the premise, and not full fibre at all. In our analysis, we took three postcodes in GU26, and compared the standard offering packages and what their guarantee to each resident, all at the same price. Data was taken from each providers website, and results are shown below.

The charts above maybe somewhat confusing, as the only item that is consistent is the price for the packages. Although both BT & TalkTalk (and the majority of other ISP’s) advertise a standard package in case of BT - Fibre 1 with 50Mbps Average Download Speed or Talk Talk Fibre 35 with average download speeds of 35Mbps, the actual speed you get is dependent on your address. This is because these providers contend with the copper postcode lottery, and the further you are from the cabinet, the worse your copper line will be, and therefore the poorer the speed you will get. Yet you pay the same price! In fact, for areas in GU26 that can’t get the BT Fibre 1 package, as their copper line is so poor, you end up paying a higher amount for a much worse service. BT are charging £32.99 for their measly guarantee of only 1Mbps on their standard Broadband package.

Think of going to a car showroom, and buying the latest car, and when it gets delivered to your door, it has a smaller engine, or the car has no electric windows, or fewer seats. However someone in your area buys the same car, and it has the engine advertised with all the features like power steering, 7 seats, electric windows etc.. Would you put up with a lesser car compared to your neighbours?

You’d never accept the car upon delivery! So, why do customers put up with these variations from the advertised offering from their current ISP’s. If BT or TalkTalk advertise 50Mbps or 35Mbps, then that is what you should get, not 9Mbps, 12Mbps or 32 Mbps guaranteed, dependent on where you live. After all, we’re all paying for the same package, our experience should be the same.

With real full fibre from providers such as Grayshott Gigabit, there is no postcode lottery that determines your experience. For an equivalent price of £29/month, all our customers get 100Mbps symmetrical services guaranteed, up to 10 x speed guaranteed versus the same residents served by BT. And since our service is symmetrical, the upload is up to 20x faster than the equivalent customers served by BT or TalkTalk.

What is worse is that despite the poorer service from BT or TalkTalk, they have been increasing their prices every year. Last year, both increased prices by up to £36/year, and this year, they both increased by more than 9%. Other providers have also increased their prices by more than 9% this year including EE, Plusnet, Vodafone, Shell Energy. Despite this, their service remains poor, and this week Ofcom ranked Talktalk & Shell Energy as providers with the most broadband complaints.

Grayshott Gigabit have a fantastic offer that can save up to £500 off the first 12 months with our aggressive pricing. We are committed to a no price increase policy due to inflation or retail price index, and have an honest & transparent service offering. Furthermore, we are a local operator with local support, and an excellent rated service. Take advantage of the best gigabit experience over real & full fibre, to your home.

Join Us today by signing up at, and check out our Limited Time Offers as we pass by your areas for faster, more transparent & better priced broadband services!


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