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Important Updates to our Rollout, Site Surveys, Pricing & User Trials

We are pleased to let you know that we are in the final stages of our planning for our rollout which we aim to start building our core network next month; July 2021.

We will be doing our site surveys of our Pilot Phase 1 areas starting 5th July. Pre-registered customers who have expressed an interest to do site surveys to help us plan for any challenges/risks for our rollout have been sent an email today requesting confirmations for w/c 5th July. Our teams will also be surveying the existing telecom infrastructure, to assess for any defective poles, or blockages in ducts & chambers, as we roll out our full fibre network. All our staff will be wearing hi-vis jackets/vests identified with Grayshott Gigabit, as well as carrying identification.

We would like to thank the many hundreds of participants in our survey that we conducted last month. The feedback was very valuable, and we have created our pricing structures based upon the survey feedback. Please visit our pricing page: Residential & Business Packages | Grayshott Gigabit.

We will also be contacting select customers to be part of our user trials which we will start commencing next month, once we have started to roll out the fibre & connect premises. Terms & Conditions to take part in the user trial will be published on our website, later this month.

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