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"Exploring Our Updated Website - Check out our Latest Features; Online Safety, Cybersecurity, Coverage Areas and improved updates

Updated website from Grayshott Gigabit
New & Improved Grayshott Gigabit Website

We're pleased to announce that we have updated our website;, as part of our transition to Gigabit IQ, our new brand.

At GigabitIQ, we’re making your Internet Experience not only Faster but more Intelligent with Ultimate Wi-Fi that provides whole home coverage, enhanced parental controls offering comprehensive online safety, and robust home network protection offering the ultimate security. Experience the best internet service for your home with GigabitIQ – where intelligence meets speed.

Our updated website builds upon the themes of online safety, cyber security, gigabit speeds & total control with our Gigabit IQ app. Please do visit the website to see the comprehensive features that our service has to offer, as well as short video clips that help to provide an insight into the capabilities of our more intelligent internet experience.

Last year we launched our Gigabit IQ mobile app to complement the upgrade in features of our Ultimate Wi-Fi offering. Our Gigabit IQ app provides significant enhancements to parental controls & cybersecurity all supported by a convenient and easy to use mobile app that gives you total control. The app is coupled with our upgraded Wi-Fi 6 Blast routers, which offer superior coverage, speed, and security, versus our legacy Wi-Fi 5 pods. For further information about the mobile app and its features, please visit the blog: Upgrade to Ultimate Wi-Fi Experience with Managed Wi-Fi, Secure Wi-Fi, Parental Controls (

Updates within our website also include new coverage areas, as we are now an ISP on the Gigaclear network, therefore serving areas across Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Somerset, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire & Gloucestershire. We will be adding the complete automated ordering process in due course with an online postcode checker, order package, and complete user experience to help facilitate the order & service delivery.

Other updates include our new YouTube page that have many self help videos of both the Gigabit IQ app, as well as Wi-F support tips & tricks. We will be posting new videos online including guides to help with common Wi-Fi support issues. Please make sure to visit Grayshott Gigabit - YouTube. We also have an active social media presence, on TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Thread, Twitter, so customers can benefit from our updates & features on those sites. Please do like, subscribe & comment on our YouTube & social media pages.

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