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Become a Gigabit Champion - Help bring Gigabit to your area

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

We are commencing our build in Grayshott & Hindhead, and are now looking for the next areas for deployment. Many communities have expressed interest, so we now need to prioritise based upon the quantity of registrations per area on

So what happens next, and what’s the process to get the green light to build our new gigabit network?

As we intend to install new fibre to provide our gigabit broadband infrastructure, we have to be wary of the economics of the fibre build, especially in rural areas. Hence, it is really important we get the sign-ups we need, in order to execute our build plan knowing there is sufficient interest from the community. We need at least 30% of households per area to pre-register, or a minimum of 500 premises, in order for that community to be considered and the green light given to commence the build.

So much work goes into building a brand new network infrastructure, so we’ve broken this down into stages and explain here why each is so important.

Why is Registering Important?

Registering your interest is vitally important because it allows us to identify where there’s a greater demand for gigabit broadband. The more interest in a particular area, the more likely we’ll be able to build the network in that area. Please note that registration is free and there is absolutely no obligation at this stage.

We’re continually monitoring interest in areas, so we’ll let you know when your location is ready to take the next step and enter the ‘Sign Up’ stage. If you want to speed up this process and really get your community on the map, you can help drive it by becoming one of our Gigabit Champions.

Becoming a Gigabit Champion?

By speaking to friends and neighbours and encouraging them to pre-register, our Gigabit champions can help accelerate their community up the leaderboard, speeding up the process. We can then work on bringing you the gigabit broadband speeds you deserve.

Champions are members of a community who become an extended part of the Grayshott Gigabit Team. Working hand in hand with our Customer Success team, Champions are instrumental in spreading the word about Grayshott Gigabit. Passionate about bringing gigabit broadband to their own community, they’re equipped with all the collateral, support and knowledge needed to help others place their orders.

This voluntary role of Gigabit Champion can include any or all of the following:

• Speaking with friends & neighbours

• Putting posters up on local notice boards

• Delivering flyers to households

• Working alongside local parish councils

• Posting updates to village websites / local social networking pages

• Attending Community Meetings

• Advising the Grayshott Gigabit team of any particular issues in your area

We’ll support you with all the tools needed to make a real difference in your community and will always be here to answer any questions you might need help with. If there are other initiatives that we can utilise to support our Gigabit Champions, we would be keen to hear thoughts and views on what is best for each community.

How do I become a Gigabit Champion?

If you are interested in becoming a Gigabit Champion, please email expressing your interest to us at A member of the Grayshott Gigabit team will then contact you to discuss the next steps.

What happens when our community reaches the threshold?

When any community on our leader board reaches its 30% target or the 500 pre-registrations, we will inform that community that they have reached the next stage of acquiring gigabit broadband! We will start to survey the area, and plan the network based upon the areas where pre-registrations have already been received. We’ll post on Grayshott Gigabit’s social media and our Customer Success team will post in local community groups. Don’t forget you can also spread the good news by telling friends and neighbours you’re going to be joining the gigabit era.

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Andy Johnson
Andy Johnson
Aug 26, 2021

Where is the leaderboard published?

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