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Check Your Speed with the Grayshott Gigabit Speed Test. Can You Gig It?

If you are unsure about your current broadband speed, please use our speed checker to test the speed at your premise. Note, speeds in East Hampshire & Surrey Hills will vary as to how far you may be from your street cabinet, as the service available is typically FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet). Note, in some cases, the cabinet you think is closest, may not be the cabinet providing your service. The further distance you are, the lower the speed you will get over copper DSL. With Fibre, there is no distance limitation for Gigabit Speeds in local communities.

Grayshott Gigabit provide services direct with Fibre to your premise, thus enabling much faster UltraFast & GigaFast  (beyond 1Gbps) connections for Homes & Businesses.

If you have our service, we give you the ability to check your speed from your GigabitIQ mobile app.

See our YouTube page for further queries: Grayshott Gigabit - YouTube

Unhappy about your broadband, Unhappy about poor Wi-Fi or not being able to have video calls. Register Today for a new faster, simpler & ultrafast gigabit broadband experience with fibre directly to your premise.

No need to ration the internet with Grayshott Gigabit Broadband.

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