Please contact us on 0800 088 6784 for any updates relating to service installation.

We are currently rolling out our network in GU26 6 postcodes, and covering Portsmouth Road & Headley Road areas.

Update 19th November 2021

We are taking orders in the following postcodes:

Update 28th October 2021: We are continuing rollout extending into Headley Road & Crossways Road. Other areas and fibre rollout have been progressing as well.

Kindly, please refer to the following map of GU26 areas of Build progress.

Customers will be notified of areas for connection in the next few weeks, along with opportunities for our User Trials.

Network Hub and Cable

There are no network maintenance or outages planned at this current time.

Capturing Art

Please contact us on 0800 088 6784 or email to for any service issues.

Updated Coverage Build & Taking Orders GU26 281121.png

Update 19th November - Postcodes Taking Orders
GU26 6AA, GU26 6AB, GU26 6AF, GU26 6AJ, GU26 6AL, GU26 6AQ, GU26 6BH, GU26 6BQ, GU26 6BY, GU26 6EL, GU26 6EQ, GU26 6ER, GU26 6ES, GU26 6EU, GU26 6EW, GU26 6EX, GU26 6EY, GU26 6EZ, GU26 6FN, GU26 6FP, GU26 6FQ, GU26 6GA, GU26 6HA, GU26 6HB, GU26 6HD, GU26 6HE, GU26 6HF, GU26 6HG, GU26 6HJ, GU26 6HP, GU26 6HQ, GU26 6HR, GU26 6HS, GU26 6JS, GU26 6JT, GU26 6JU, GU26 6JW, GU26 6JX, GU26 6JY, GU26 6JZ, GU26 6LA, GU26 6LB, GU26 6LD, GU26 6LE, GU26 6LG, GU26 6LQ, GU26 6NF, GU26 6NG,

GU26 6SD, GU26 6SU, GU26 6SX, GU26 6SY, GU26 6TA, GU26 6TH, GU26 6TJ, GU26 6TL, GU26 6TN, GU26 6TP, GU26 6TQ, GU26 6TU, GU26 6TX, GU26 6TY, GU26 6TZ, GU26 6UA, GU26 6UB, GU26 6UD, GU26 6UE, GU26 6UF, GU26 6UJ.