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Happy Gigabit in Hindhead, Update to other areas, Covid-19 precautions

We are pleased to announce we are Live with Full Fibre Gigabit Customers in Hindhead, Surrey. The first customers connected are getting symmetrical 1Gbps service. This is super exciting, and we look forward to getting others connected asap, as we continue to build. If you live on adjoining roads next to London road & Portsmouth road, and want a Gigabit service, register for our launch packages: . Our Launch Offer has been extended with free service until 15th March 2022, as well as free cancellation, and free connections, so sign up today!

We're also aware that some customers are waiting pending the site surveys that were done last week, and week before. Unfortunately, due to the state of the underlying duct/pole infrastructure that has not been cleared over several years, these ducts have been found to be filled with silt, roots, and earth/debris. Our plan is to try and clear some of these blockages next week and over the festive period, and we have raised a request to Openreach to also repair any ducts/chambers/poles that are damaged/broken/missing, so that we can continue the progress of those customers who have already signed up for our Launch Offer. If we're successful to clear these blockages, we'll notify those customers for an accelerated installation date.

Lastly, to re-assure all of our customers, we have put in place the following guidelines to ensure safety for our staff, partners, and customers, as we carry out installations in your home. Our on-site staff & partner engineers will:

  • be carrying out daily Lateral Flow Tests.

  • whilst working inside, wear appropriate PPE to protect you and themselves

  • wipe down any surfaces touched before leaving the property

Additional pointers for the installation process are also below:

  • Someone over the age of 18 needs to be present at the property.

  • Please do open any windows or doors where the engineer will be working

  • We kindly ask that you keep two metres away from the engineer to maintain social distancing, and move to a different room if possible

  • The engineer will need to drill a hole in the wall to bring the fibre from the outside to terminate to the connection inside the home.

  • To assist us with minimal intrusion into your home, we will bring our fibre optic cable entry point into your home on the ground floor.

  • We will require one plug socket source for the Optical Network Terminal that we will be installing on the wall, and an additional plug socket for our Grayshott Gigabit Managed Wi-Fi router.

  • Our Customer Success Manager will help you with the mobile Application to download on your device and guide you through the features of the application to manage your Wi-Fi experience.

  • The Home Pass mobile application can be downloaded on iOS/Android: HomePass by Plume® - Apps on Google Play, HomePass by Plume® on the App Store (

  • Further details of our Managed Wi-Fi features & application can be found at: Grayshott Gigabit Managed Wi-Fi

  • We will run through the speed test features to test your connection

  • We will connect the devices in your home to the Wi-Fi routers, MESH Pods (where applicable), to give you understanding of any not-spots, or legacy devices, or additional Mesh Pods that may be required for whole home coverage.


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