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GigabitIQ: Get Our Newly Launched App - Your Ultimate Wi-Fi Experience with our Managed Wi-Fi service

Updated: Jan 12

Grayshott Gigabit have launched GigabitIQ, our new app that allows any customer manage their home wifi experience using our Ultimate Wi-Fi Blast Routers & MESH units. GigabitIQ is available on GooglePlay & Apple App store to download today.

GigabitIQ comes with so many new features for you to manage your whole home Wi-Fi experience, and is fully supported with management from Grayshott Gigabit's support team, both local & online, meaning you will have piece of mind when you have any Wi-Fi issues at your premise. Use your app to do the following:

  • Reset the primary SSID or password for Wi-Fi

  • Run bandwidth tests to monitor network performance for speeds up to 2.5 Gbps

  • View and assign connected devices to profiles, places and/or priority networks

  • Create guest, work-from-home or custom wireless networks

  • Add new devices to the network quickly and easy through the app’s WPS feature

  • Set parental controls and view advanced security options

To see any of these features, and to get advice or support, please visit our new You Tube page: Grayshott Gigabit - YouTube

GigabitIQ comes with two extra features that help your internet experience; ProtectIQ & Experience IQ.


ProtectIQ is a network-level security application that works quietly in the background and proactively keeps malicious websites, viruses, and intrusions away from subscribers’ homes 24x7. ProtectIQ leverages a large cloud database of known virus and ransomware threats and by looking for the specific signatures of these threats in real-time, it can prevent the transfer of data—before a malicious payload is delivered to any vulnerable devices in the network. As new threats emerge daily, the threat database is updated continuously to offer protection against the latest threats.​

With ProtectIQ in their home networks, subscribers keep their data and assets shielded from hostile activity over the internet. By offering ProtectIQ security, Grayshott Gigabit protects the entire home or business network and provides subscribers an added layer of protection for connected devices.


With ExperienceIQ®, subscribers can easily create and enforce online rules for the users and devices in their home networks. It provides subscribers peace of mind by protecting their children from inappropriate or harmful content and allows them to set time limits and to prioritize applications and devices on the home network that access the home Wi-Fi. This is especially important for subscribers that work from home. Using ExperienceIQ, subscribers can:

  • Receive a view of the approximate time each user spends on different applications.

  • Use content filtering to ensure the online safety of their children and other family members.

  • Schedule times to prevent family members from accessing the internet or specific applications.

  • Set the duration for how long individual applications can be used.

  • Prioritize applications and devices on the home network that access the home Wi-Fi.

How to Get GigabitIQ?

For Existing Customers using CommandIQ:

If you are a Grayshott Gigabit customer with our Blast Wi-Fi 6 routers and MESH, and previously had the CommandIQ app downloaded, you can delete that app, and download GigabitIQ instead, and all of your details will appear on the new app. If you need any support, please visit Grayshott Gigabit - YouTube, or contact us on 01428 607 000, or email

For Existing Customers using Plume:

If you are a Grayshott Gigabit customer with our Plume Pods routers, and previously had the Plume app downloaded, you can contact us to upgrade your router with our Ultimate Wi-Fi 6 Blast Router, and we will change over any Pods with the Blast MESH Wi-Fi units, and help you with the new GigabitIQ app. If you need any support, please visit Grayshott Gigabit - YouTube, or contact us on 01428 607 000, or email

For non-Grayshott Gigabit Fibre customers:

If you are not on the Grayshott Gigabit Fibre network, you can still take advantage of the GigabitIQ Managed Wi-Fi App when you purchase our Blast Wi-Fi 6 Ultimate Wi-Fi Routers and MESH. You can connect these new advanced Wi-Fi 6 routers/mesh to your existing broadband service, to offer advanced Wi-Fi coverage with our Wi-Fi 6 Carrier class solutions, and then get all the features from GigabitIQ, along with both ExperienceIQ & ProtectIQ. Contact us on 01428 607 000, or email, and we will help you get connected to the Ultimate Wi-Fi experience & managed Wi-Fi capabilities with GigabitIQ.


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