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Gigabit IQ: Our New brand - what it means for you!

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

What is Gigabit IQ?

Gigabit IQ is the new brand for Grayshott Gigabit.

Gigabit represents the core of our service offering of Gigabit Speeds over Full Fibre, which we have have been so successful in connecting 300+ premises in the last 12 months in Grayshott & Hindhead with the fastest gigabit speeds in the local area. As we build partnerships we continue to offer Gigabit services over full end to end fibre offering the fastest speeds, and we will also be offering multi-Gigabit speeds very soon, up to 5Gbps!

IQ represents the Intelligence of Our Service offering for our customers:

  • Incredible Managed Wi-Fi with our own fully managed Wi-Fi service that sets us apart from many larger competitors to support our customers with a service for all of their Wi-Fi needs & connectivity challenges.

  • Innovative Gigabit IQ mobile app which we have developed to offer advanced features such as parental controls, network protection, speed tests, priority controls, content controls, and easy set up of your home networking needs. Plus some very easy to use YouTube videos to explain the features and functionalities of the Gigabit IQ app: Grayshott Gigabit - YouTube

  • Intuitive full fibre end to end network which is stable, without interruption, secure & reliable.

  • Inspiring local support feedback from our customers. We are an envy of many of of the larger providers who fail in their ability to support their customers, whereas Grayshott Gigabit have a proven model to offer the best in class local support.

  • Ingenious Community engagements with our Community Wi-Fi offerings providing connectivity to shops, commercial areas, charities, village halls, sports teams & community facilities. We pride ourselves of doing more for the communities we serve than any of the other generic suppliers, and we are always supporting in local initiatives.

  • Irresistible offers with fair & transparent pricing without the need of mid-contract price rises, or CPI based prices rises. Plus, compared with other providers we do not penalise for out of contract pricing rates, or charge vulnerable folks more for their internet. We are supporting elderly & those on social benefits with our Social Connect package, and offer trials, and free service periods for those that want to trial our service.

What's coming new?

Over the next few weeks we will be refreshing our website, as we launch into new areas beyond Grayshott & Hindhead, into Beacon Hill (live now), Churt & Frensham (live in Q2 2024), Headley Down (Live in Q3 2024) , and other areas in Surrey & Hampshire, as well as other regions in the South East in 2024! Stay tuned!

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Unfortunately Grayshott Gigabit you failed to deliver a fibre service for me in my area. Despite the fact it is a densely populated residential area and could have been very lucrative. In all the years of suggestions blogging and blah blah made with the best interests of the community it has not happened.

Slow delivery has been eclipsed by a competitor who in under 2 yrs have fully deployed groundwork and fibre service extensively to my area GU26. A pity, but actions speak louder than words.

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Dear Tony McDevitt,

 We understand your frustration at not being able to build our own gigabit full fibre network in Beacon Hill.

Unfortunately, the cost of build is so significant for a provider like ourselves, that without Gigabit Voucher funding, it is not feasible, and since the Government did not provide rural gigabit funding for your area, we were not in a position to fund this ourselves. We have partnered with other providers though who are building in Beacon Hill, Churt & further afield, and we are able to provide our services over those networks. We have started taking orders in Beacon Hill for connections in the New Year. We would love to get you connected to our service, as…

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