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Updated Launch Offer - Free Installation, Free Service & Free Cancellation until 15th March 2022

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

We are taking orders, and have a special launch offer for a selected time.

For Terms & Conditions of the Launch Offer, please visit: Launch Offer | Grayshott Gigabit

For Pricing Packages, please visit: Residential Packages | Grayshott Gigabit

For Business Special Launch Offers - please contact us.

To check eligibility and place your order, select your package and then email us at

The launch offer is only applicable on the UltraFAST & GigaFAST packages, with their term commitments. If you would like a no monthly commitment, select our Easy 100 Fibre package (installation costs & standard terms & conditions apply).

We're serving the following postcodes for orders, and will let you know a timeframe for installation once your order is placed.

Updated Postcodes for Taking Orders are:

GU26 6AA, GU26 6AB, GU26 6AF, GU26 6AJ, GU26 6AL, GU26 6AQ, GU26 6BH, GU26 6BQ, GU26 6BY, GU26 6EL, GU26 6EQ, GU26 6ER, GU26 6ES, GU26 6EU, GU26 6EW, GU26 6EX, GU26 6EY, GU26 6EZ, GU26 6FN, GU26 6FP, GU26 6FQ, GU26 6FT (new), GU26 6GA, GU26 6HA, GU26 6HB, GU26 6HD, GU26 6HE, GU26 6HF, GU26 6HG, GU26 6HJ, GU26 6HP, GU26 6HQ, GU26 6HR, GU26 6HS, GU26 6JS, GU26 6JT, GU26 6JU, GU26 6JW, GU26 6JX, GU26 6JY, GU26 6JZ, GU26 6LA, GU26 6LB, GU26 6LD, GU26 6LE, GU26 6LG, GU26 6LQ, GU26 6NF, GU26 6NG, GU26 6SD, GU26 6SU, GU26 6SX, GU26 6SY, GU26 6TA, GU26 6TH, GU26 6TJ, GU26 6TL, GU26 6TN, GU26 6TP, GU26 6TQ, GU26 6TU, GU26 6TX, GU26 6TY, GU26 6TZ, GU26 6UA, GU26 6UB, GU26 6UD, GU26 6UE, GU26 6UF, GU26 6UJ, GU26 6UY (new).

We've also added some further details of some of the included and added value services: Grayshott Gigabit Managed Wi-Fi & VoIP | Grayshott Gigabit, please visit the website to get further information, and if any issues, please contact us on 01428 607000 or send email to


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