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Latest Build Updates & Find out which areas are Ready for Installations?

Week ending 29th October 2021

Work has been progressing in Grayshott, along Headley Road, Crossways Road, and other tributary roads in the area. We hope to continue our progress in the coming few weeks in preparation to start "Ready For Installation" to the initial properties that span the following postcodes: GU26 6BH, GU26 6FS, GU26 6HD, GU26 6JS, GU26 6JT, GU26 6JU, GU26 6JX, GU26 6JY, GU26 6JZ, GU26 6LA, GU26 6TN, GU26 6TP, GU26 6TU, GU26 6TX, GU26 6TY, GU26 6TZ, GU26 6UA, GU26 6UB, GU26 6UJ

If you live in one of these postcodes, we will notify you with a special offer to connect to our Gigabit Fibre service. Please watch your post for these details, and thereafter you will be able to sign up on our website. Note if you live in an Multi Dwelling Unit (apartment block, care home, residential serviced homes, or flats on top of business premises) , and would like service, please contact us with your building/facility managing agents details, so that we can connect your premise with full Fibre gigabit capability. Note, certain properties which are not aerially fed via poles, or are without incoming ducts already to the premise may need to wait for installation, these premises will be notified with consultation from our site survey team in due course.

For other postcodes in GU26, please check the network status page for updates to the build status; Network Services & Updates ( For areas outside of GU26, we will be updating the website of the build rollout in your area very soon.

Please also join us for our Open Evenings at our Offices in 1 London Road, Hindhead, GU26 6AB, w/c 8th November 2021. Registrations for Open Evenings will be notified next week.

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Andrew Whittam
Andrew Whittam
Oct 29, 2021

Great progress. Well done. Am hoping Church Lane will be soon?

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