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Build and Progress Updates

Good Progress being made in Grayshott & Hindhead over past few weeks.

We have Gigabit Fibre in the ground, and have passed several hundred premises of our Phase 1 build. Main Spine network is ongoing, and we aim to complete the fibre rollout of the spine and and tributary roads, around 10km of rollout in ducts & poles in the coming weeks. We'll start connections thereafter, and we'll be identifying the first premises to connect starting very soon.

Please do take advantage of our early bird offers and free months starter offers which will be advertising very soon to the first priority connect customers. Watch out for leaflets to your premises very soon.

We'll also be hosting open days at our office to share the progress of the build and to answer any questions the community may have in the coming weeks, please subscribe to get alerts for the upcoming Open Days at our office in Hindhead.

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