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Community Wi-Fi

Bringing Gigabit Fibre & UltraFAST Wi-Fi connectivity to  Rural Communities in East Hampshire, & Surrey Hills

Grayshott Community Wi-Fi Hostpots.png

Grayshott Gigabit are proud to announce that Grayshott Community Wi-Fi is now live in many parts of the Village. With support from Grayshott Parish Council, we have been installing Community Wi-Fi Access points in many businesses across Grayshott in February, and now we have more than multiple hostpots locations across the Village.

We thank the many businesses that have signed up to date to take advantage of not only gigabit full fibre, but also UltraFAST Community Wi-Fi. More locations are being added each week, and we hope to cover the entire commercial areas with free public Wi-Fi access. 

Community Wi-Fi helps to mitigate the lack of 4G coverage in the village, and so residents, employees that work in the village, and also visitors to the area can take advantage of free Wi-Fi access over our gigabit full fibre network. In the past, rural communities like Grayshott village were white spots with little to no 4G coverage from many of the mobile operators, and people struggled to make calls, and get connected.


Now with Community Wi-Fi, it benefits all residents & visitors to the commercial areas of Grayshott, and they can stay connected, get online, make Wi-Fi calls, and utilise faster internet speeds similar to 4G/5G mobile coverage in other parts of the UK. In tandem, we are connecting many of the areas to our full fibre backbone, enabling these premises to future proof their connectivity in advance of the copper line switch off that is happening by end of 2025.

To get connected, please find the Grayshott Community Wi-Fi network SSID's outside or in any of the locations mentioned above. Your device will auto connect to the landing page, where you accept the terms & conditions, and register with your mobile number. Once verification is completed via SMS and the registration page, you have access to one hour free daily Wi-Fi service or you can upgrade to a premium package as well with unlimited data options. On subsequent days, you do not have to repeat the signing in process, and you can just select your free daily package throughout the year.

Support Local! Let's get the Community Connected!

We are your Local Community Gigabit Service Provider.

What makes us unique is that we provide local support from our offices in Hindhead, GU26, Surrey.

Our Engineers, Installation Teams, Management & Customer Services are all local to the area. 

Contact Us Today:

Telephone: 01428 607 000
Address: 1 London Road, Hindhead, GU26 6AB

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